Seeing Your Books in the Bestseller Lists

Do you want to see your book on Canada's most prestigious bestseller lists? Whether you're an experienced or brand-new publisher, there are some essential practices you can do to ensure your big sellers appear on the right list.

Choosing the right books for your bestseller’s list

How libros gratis appear on media bestseller lists? Here are some criteria to be met:

  1. It is accessible in the Canadian print trade market.
  2. It contains a unique ISBN.
  3. A publisher is submitting bibliographic data for the title via an ONIX feed.
  4. Book sales are reported by retailers that are involved in the national sales monitoring service, BNC SalesData.

Every week, BookNet collects all bibliographic and sales data to issue top lists of the top-selling titles. Then, they are sent to print media like the Globe and Star, so they can develop their top 10 ranking. Here are some other important nuances to be considered:

  • Books are included in bestseller lists due to their ISBNs. So if there are two editions of a particular book, each would appear on the lists as an original entity with its own ISBN.
  • Ebooks are not maintained in SalesData, so they do not refer to these bestseller lists.
  • Bestselling titles must be available in numerous stores across the country.

How does the whole story start? It all starts with credible metadata analysis. Thus, it can move smoothly through the supply chain and get on the right list. Have a look at the following tips to ensure your book's data is eligible for the bestseller lists:

Tip #1: Pick up the right subject.

You need to specify the subject in your title's ONIX feed. You should also keep your subject as clear and transparent as possible. If a book is fiction, thriller, detective or drams, then you should categorize it under this exact subject.

Tip #2: Indicate all the basic points that newspapers want.

The book's title, subtitle, author, real price, format, and publisher name are all significant fields to include in your metadata, as these details are involved in the papers. So, you should make sure these fields are stated accurately. If there are any changes, they need to be reflected on the paper straight away.

Tip #3: Use your local marker freely.

If your book's author is Canadian, Spanish, or any other nationality, you should reflect on this information in your metadata. The newspapers use this data to find out which titles to involve to their lists.

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