The Best Tips for Overwatch Players

If you want to avoid shameful deaths and damage to team mates, absorb this sacred knowledge. No one promises to make you a universal soldier but it will definitely be easier to fight, and critics from fellow soldiers will noticeably diminish. Go ahead in the battle and use the knowledge of the game strategy to win when placing Overwatch bet.

Expert Tips on How to Win in Overwatch

Check the most useful tips below:

  • It is important to play for each character at least two matches. Only in this way, you will understand what role you like. In addition, understand the pros and cons of each character and try on their unique mechanics, like jackets. Finally, you will begin to understand what scams to expect from enemies - and in the multi-colored chaos, Overwatch is terribly important. It’s not necessary to go through the heroes for a long time - as long as there are only twenty-one of them, but the developers promise to expand the list in the near future.
  • The correct composition of the team - the key to victory. The tactic “Let's take all the heroes of the attack and quickly win them!” will not work here. Rapid attack aircraft cannot do without the characters of support. It is difficult to imagine a reliable rear without heroes-defenders, and the cover - without thick-skinned "tanks". Balanced squad - a squad of winners. This is another reason why it is better to recognize all the heroes as soon as possible. If the team urgently needs an extra support or defense fighter, you should be ready to take on any role.
  • Do not be afraid to change the hero during the match. Do not forget that after death you can be reborn in the body of a completely different fighter. Show tactical flexibility, experiment. And pay attention to opponents: some heroes are especially good against some and succumb to others - use it! And also try to pick up a character that works well in conjunction with another - in Overwatch there are many deadly combinations that will not leave the enemies a chance.
  • In Overwatch, you need to work in a team. Fulfill the map objectives — push the car or hold control points. It is also important to eliminate the enemies here in time, but it will not work to “kill” yourself.
  • Master the nuances of vertical gameplay. Overwatch maps are multi-level, so it’s important to look not only sideways, but also up. Some characters are easier to move between heights than others. For example, Di.Va, Pharah and Angel can soar, and Genji climbs the walls like Spiderman. Movement along the vertical can not only save your life but also bring light killings: it is still a pleasure to drop the enemy from the roof directly onto your head.

The first fight in Overwatch will definitely begin with an awkward pause. There are two dozen faces on the screen for choosing heroes - and what to do with these comrades is absolutely incomprehensible. You can, of course, close your eyes and use the spear method, but there is a better option. Choose the character after you check his/her abilities.

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