Dota 2: How to Play Against Cheaters?

At the moment, the problem with cheats is not very acute and the vast majority of players have not heard about them. However, you can always meet one of the cheaters. You need to be prepared for this situation before you start playing for money at There are many different cheats, but some are stronger than others and difficult to fight. Until the developers reach the cleansing and program eradication of dishonest players, they will have to open more than one game. You'll be stronger if you improve your gameplay using tips.

Things to Keep in Mind

So, there are several programs that help players use their skills. If you are a victim of a miner with the automatic explosion of mines, then think about microcontrol. You cannot react faster than the program. Don't try to dissolve the cheater. Use the fact that you know what will happen now, you can collect Link, and the impudent miner will not be able to push you to your mines. But this is the easiest way, there are more interesting ones.

Link will help survive in such situations to any hero. But if you play a surviving hero, your choice is Blade Mail. Gathering in the fat on Axa, Pooja, Centaurus or another hero, you can catch the mineral on his own trick. Just turn on the return line and go to the mines, they will explode themselves, or he will push you to them and also explode. Thus, he will be forced to either turn off the program, or die from you every time.

How to Counter Autohex and Autoorchid in Dota 2?

Everyone probably heard about the performance of the team of popular streamers in open qualifications at The International 2016. They flew out because Carry's hero EvilArtas received a hex right after the blink of Natures Prophet. In such a situation, no man could react so quickly, but the player clearly had a sit on Dota 2.

Similar programs are on the automatic triggering Orchid, Hex, Eula and other artifacts. The bottom line is that as soon as the enemy hero is close to the cheater, an item or spell is triggered on it. The speed of such a response is maximum and the person could not have pressed the button so quickly.

All this is again controversial simple Link, as mentioned above, this is a useful artifact that will help you in the fight against cheating. The second way to fight is Lotus Orb. He was added to Dota about a year ago, he returns most of the targeted spells to the enemy. Hang it on yourself before you jump on the enemy, given that the program will work quickly and automatically, the spell will be reflected and the enemy will be under the influence of silence or become an animal.

Given that Orchid and Hex are quite expensive, the enemy will have to collect them for some time, you will have the opportunity to farm yourself the necessary Link or Lotus.

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