RULES & BY-LAWS of the Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference

Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference

Sportsmanship and Fan Decorum at Athletic Contests

1.    All visiting teams will be treated as honored guests.

2.    Cheer for your team and not against the opponent.

3.    Inappropriate comments or cheers that harass opposing spectators, cheerleaders, players, coaches or officials will not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the event.

4.    Spectators are not allowed on the playing surface during competition.

5.    Air horns, sirens, whistles, personal listening devices without headphones are not permitted at outdoor athletic contests.

6.    All noisemakers including those listed above are prohibited at indoor events.

7.    Masks and full face paint are not permitted. 

8.    Respect will be shown to the contestants during introductions.  

9.    All spirit signs are to be displayed by the cheerleaders after obtaining permission from the game manager.


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